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International Best-Selling Kiwi Children’s Musician and Author, Deano, aka Mr Yipadee, has topped the UK Children’s Best-Sellers Charts on numerous occasions.

His debut book Jingle Bells, Rudolph Smells went to Number One in the New Zealand Best Sellers Charts and sold out of two print runs in Australia three weeks before Christmas.  Nee Naw The Little Fire Engine spent three consecutive months in the Best Seller Charts.

Mr Yipadee performs on some of the world’s biggest stages. In addition to headlining the Kidz Field at Glastonbury, he tours New Zealand with best-selling Wonky Donkey author Craig Smith, and has worked with script writers whose credits include Bob The Builder, Thomas and Friends, and BING. Deano has collaborated, with numerous TV stars and has even interviewed international superstar, Justin Timberlake.

The Yipadee pre-school apps have been amongst the top 10 most downloaded free apps for kids in the UK


Laugh, Love, Believe

“Children naturally giggle and laugh ‘til their bellies ache. They instinctively desire to love and be loved, and to feel grounded and secure within themselves. They genuinely believe in all possibilities, and go wherever their unencumbered imaginations take them.

Yipadee supports these innate tendencies by encouraging and reinforcing them through fun performances, humourous books, and upbeat music.

The vision is to help all children flourish and grow knowing they are significant, individual, and capable; that their potential and dreams lie at a determined arm’s reach!”

With warmest regards and gratitude.


“engaging, funny, as well as entertaining and uplifting to children, teachers, and parents”

Connie Rasmussen
Retired Elementary School Principal, Mother and Grandmother
Chicago – Illinois.

“an amazing show for over 200 children and adults – he had us singing and dancing in the aisles!!”

Nick Sheeran
Birkdale Primary in Southport, UK.

“One of the most joyous and entertaining people I’ve ever worked with. Talented, inspirational, and very funny”

Rebecca Keatley
Children’s TV presenter and actress as seen on CBeebies and Let’s Play

"Loving the album! So good to hear uplifting and positive music. Very inspiring!"

Tina O'Brien
TV Star - Coronation Street, Strictly Come Dancing & Mother.
Manchester - United Kingdom

"Mr Yipadee reaches children's imagination through rhythm, stories and images that inspire the child in all of us to grow and reach our full potential, while having fun!"

Shelane Donoghue
Clinical Member of Ontario Society of Psychotherapists

"...using a couple of Mr Yipadee’s songs was a no-brainer"

Helen Farrall
Children’s Scriptwriter and Mum
Thomas and Friends, Bob the Builder, Bing, Go Jetters, Postman Pat

"a world class production and health tool for anyone to use with children"

Steph Sparrow
Clinical Social Worker and Mum.
Christchurch - New Zealand

"Mix together laughter, sunshine, silliness, throw in a guitar and you get Mr Yipadee"

Cat Sandion
Children’s TV presenter and actress as seen on CBeebies and Justin’s House

"teaching in Japan, his fun and captivating music is something I have come to depend on!"

Emiko Balazik
Preschool & Early Primary English Teacher
Sapporo - Japan

"I'm completely inspired by his attitude, the content, and how it integrates into fun music for kids (and me!)"

Terri Dwyer
Actress, TV Presenter and Mum.
London - United Kingdom

"age-appropriate, good hearted, feel good energetic fun - something every child deserves to experience regularly at school"

Joanne Geldard
Head Teacher, Lancaster Lane School
Leyland, United Kingdom

"Hilarious, uplifting, and captivating for both kids and parents"

Tim Shaw
TV Presenter and Dad
National Geographic, Channel 4, Discovery

Events and performances



Mr Yipadee’s fun and engaging live music primary and pre-school performances have the kids in stitches. There’s singing, dancing, comedy and of course hilarious books with captivating illustration...


From the world’s largest music festivals to concert venues, malls and shopping centres. Wherever there are kids, Mr Yipadee could be there...



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