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Dean Obrien - aka Mr Yipadee
A Note From Mr Yipadee
Inspiring Positive Thinking, Feeling, and Action!
Mr Yipadee was created to retain the natural instincts of children as they are: innately happy, healthy, and full of excitement about the world. It’s designed to plant seeds of personal development philosophies already employed by millions of adults and endorsed by successful persons worldwide. Our aim is to empower children with a sense of physical and mental gratitude and well-being, reinforcing their belief in themselves and their dreams—and indeed, in that they can be the creators of their lives and Do, Be, or Have anything.

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Inspired by the motivating work and content of hundreds of experts in the world of self-realization, Mr Yipadee expands and borrows theories and concepts from gurus like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Esther & Jerry Hicks, Tony Robbins, Dale Carnegie, Brian Tracey, Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, Rhonda Byrnes, and the powerful group of Law Of Attraction contributors that helped bring ‘The Secret’ to life.

It is these teachings, people, and products, combined with the birth of my baby daughter, that drew me to the imaginings of Mr Yipadee and the life-shaping theories that underpin the programme. Research proves the  first years of a child’s development are crucial. In those first 5-6 years of life, we learn and develop at an astonishing rate, incomparable to any other time in our lives. It became abundantly clear that these remarkable doctrines should be translated and available for little people at this vital and influential time in their lives.

I am humbly grateful for this happy chance to share Mr Yipadee with you and your children. I hope the songs make you all laugh and the music makes the family dance with glee. I hope Mr Yipadee helps them realize the gift of their potential, the power of their imaginations, and a love for self-actualization that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for letting Mr Yipadee be the difference that makes the difference for you and your child!
Tina O'Brien
Loving the album! Think Scarlett will be having this on repeat, so good to hear uplifting and positive music very inspiring! more

Tina O'Brien:
TV Star - Coronation Street, Strictly Come Dancing & Mother
Manchester - United Kingdom
Stuart Baldwin
We train business leaders, sports people and politicians to develop a mindset for success.
If Mr Yipadee had been around when they were kids, we wouldn't need to bother. more

Stuart Baldwin:
Business Owner, Positive Performance Ltd.
United Kingdom
Sheila Donoghue
Mr. Yipadee reaches children's imagination through rhythm and images that inspires the child in all of us to grow and reach our full potential, whilst having fun. more

Shelane Donoghue:
Clinical Member of Ontario Society of Psychotherapists
Stuart Baldwin
Professional adults spend a a huge amount of time being trained by companies like ours to develop a stronger mindset for success, but its tough to learn once your grown up, if only we could learn these things as children we would live happier and stronger lives, now thanks to Mr Yipadee our children can. more

Stuart Baldwin:
Owner, Positive Performance Ltd.
United Kingdom
Connie Rasmussen
The music is upbeat and fun, the messages and stories are inspiring and they encourage children to believe in themselves. The content presented by Mr. Yipadee is engaging as well as entertaining and is uplifting to children, teachers, parents and grandparents. more

Connie Rasmussen
Retired Elementary School Principal, Mother and Grandmother
Chicago - Illinois.
Terri Dwyer
I've known Mr Yipadee and his uplifting music for quite some time now. I've always been completely inspired by his attitude, the content, and how it integrates into fun entertaining music for kids (and me!) more

Terri Dwyer
Actress, TV Presenter, and Mum
London - United Kingdom
Terri Dwyer
Being both a Mum and a Clinical Social Worker at a Specialist Psychiatric Service, I know it is essential to foster resilience, develop self worth and encourage enjoyable activities to promote and maintain the health and development of our children and youth. Mr Yipadee helps us do this at a defining young age which makes this a world class production... more

Steph Sparrow
Clinical Social Worker and Mum
Christchurch - New Zealand
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