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Ellie Copter – Nee Naw And Friends (Paperback)


Wonkey Donkey Man and Deano Yipadee’s Road to Best-Seller Success Webinar Series

International Best-Selling Children’s Book Authors Craig Smith, a.k.a. The Wonky Donkey Man, and Deano Yipadee, a.k.a. Mr Stink-o-saurus, open up and lay out all of their secrets to break down the path to publishing your creative works in this 12-part webinar series.



From the creators of the hilarious Nee Naw and Stink-o-saurus books, comes a new spin-off character kids will love!

Singer-songwriter Deano Yipadee and award winning illustrator Paul Beavis have produced yet another toe-tapping, sing-along song (to download or stream), this time about Nee Naw’s good friend, Ellie Copter.

There’s a fire in a field where two goats, Plinky and Plonky, are trapped. Nee Naw is on the way, but when a bridge collapses and Nee Naw can’t drive any further, Ellie Copter whirs into action and saves the day.